You'll spend 90,000 hours of your life working. Spend that time doing something you love.


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"Grant helped me with much more than just English. I now feel closer to my career goal. Grant is the best teacher I've ever had. I really recommend his course!"

- Yiyeon Kim, Brand Designer at Frienkly

"I highly recommend Grant's courses to people like me who are eager to level up their English and develop their career!"

- Jihyung Lee, Key Account Manager at DB Schenker

"Grant is truly passionate about helping his clients achieve their dreams. If you want to get a job abroad, I highly recommend his training!"

- John Jeong, B2C Sales Planner at LG

By the End of this Program, You Will...

Have a Powerful, Unique Purpose Behind Your Work

  • Stand out in your industry
  • Quickly build relationships with the right people
  • Make a great first impression while networking and job searching.

Gain a Deeper Understanding of What's Important To You

  • Use a special analysis system I learned from one of the best career coaches in the world
  • Make smart career decisions
  • Create a clear roadmap for a life/career that will make you truly happy

Know the 4 Most Important Steps for Fast Career Progress

  • Vital tips for effective Linkedin Networking
  • The 3 universal skills that are important for any career
  • how to keep track of and explain career achievements
  • How to break down big career goals into a step by step process that will make them much more achievable 

Whats Included In The Course

Value Packed Video Tutorials

This course is the product of me coaching 100s of Koreans as well as investing thousands of dollars to learn from some of the best business/career coaches in the world.

Step By Step Curriculum

Every minute of this course has been carefully planned. Simply watch the videos, complete the practice exercises, and start moving towards a career you'll love.

Documents, Outlines, & More

Downloadable profile templates, examples, vocab lists, networking messages and more to make sure you 100% understand & can use all of the valuable material taught in this program. 

Yours for a Lifetime

Watch the videos as many times as you want. They're yours forever. 


Meet Your Instructor

Hi there. My name’s Grant, and I’m on a mission to help 10,000 motivated Koreans unlock life-changing international career opportunities.

While living and working at FastONE (a business English academy in Seoul 2016-2019, I discovered 3 things:

1: So many Koreans are incredibly bright, motivated, and hardworking. I love working with people who have passion and purpose in their lives.

2: Many of them either have big career goals or are stuck at jobs they don't really like with demanding bosses and tons of overtime work. They want to improve their situation, and English is their biggest obstacle in doing so.

3: A lot of English classes aren't very good. Whether they're too focused on grammar or just general free talking, they don't get people the communication skills/confidence they need to level up their careers.

Perfect Student Reviews at FastONE

5.0/5.0 average for five months straight

Top Instructor Awards

Multiple time 'Instructor of the Month' and 'Instructor of the Quarter' winner

Tons of Happy Clients

My schedule was almost always 100% full due to huge demand for my classes, I founded an online English company with the goal of helping Koreans gain the real communication skills/confidence they need to improve their work performance, and move up in their careers.

Over the 2 years I ran my business, I:

  • Helped hundreds of Koreans in all industries make massive improvements to their work communication fast
  • Published a book that sold thousands of copies across Korea
  • Built an online following of over 25,000 people
  • Reached the top 1% of all educators on Linkedin
  • Gained a love and passion for my work that I haven't felt for any other job ever

Published Author

Book available online and in stores now

Top 1% on Linkedin

Top 1% in my network & in the e-learning industry

Many, Many Happy Clients

Dozens of positive reviews & recommendations

A Few of Many Happy Clients:

Eventually, I realized the greatest possible value I can offer isn’t ‘English lessons’. It’s directly helping Koreans get life-changing international jobs.

So, I founded Grant Sundbye: Career Coaching in 2022 with a mission to help 10,000 motivated Korean professionals unlock the exciting, fulfilling careers they deserve.

You have something to valuable to offer. With my programs, we'll show that value to the world.


This Course Is For You If:

  • You're a Korean business professional hoping to work at an international company either in Korea or abroad
  • You ever feel unsure about your future career goals and/or how to achieve them
  • You value time and following a proven plan
  • You're motivated to move up in your career and create more opportunities for yourself

This Course Is NOT For You If:

  • You are a complete English beginner 
  • You have no interest in career development

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Get Access to the Course?

It's yours forever :)

How Long Does this Course Take to Complete?

You can get through this entire course in less than 2 hours. There is zero unnecessary information. You won’t waste any of your time.

Is My English Good Enough?

If you can understand most of the video and content on this page, your English is good enough to understand this course.

Why Can't I Just Learn all the Material in Classes With you Instead?

Great question.

1. This is the exact same information I would tell you in a live class, only here it's more organized and much, much less expensive.

2. The better you are at something, the more people want to work with you. My business has grown a lot over the past 2 years, and I now have more people wanting to work with me than I have time for. I could solve this by charging incredibly high prices that only a few people could afford, but I would much rather share my knowledge with everyone by making effective, affordable digital products like this.

When Can I Start the Course? 

You can begin the first lesson as soon as your purchase is completed!

Is This Course in Korean?

This course is 100% in English. The information is presented in a simple, easy to understand way.  You'll also be able to review all the slide files and video scripts to ensure you 100% understand everything.


"I’ve tried many English classes so far. most English tutors don’t have a deep understanding of actual business environments, but Grant is different."

- Yousun Bang, Founder & CEO at InnoHash 

"I was just a classic Korean, barely speaking English. Now I go to UVA Darden as an MBA.  Work with Grant. It will help. A lot."

- Ji Hwan Yoon, MBA Student 

"I have experienced many kinds of English programs and teachers. However, I haven't met any professional teacher before Grant."

- Kangmo Ku, Account Executive at Google