Fix the 3 Biggest Presentation Mistakes & Show Everyone How Much of an Expert you Truly Are 

Fix the 3 Biggest Presentation Mistakes & Show Everyone How Much of an Expert you Truly Are 


Learn exactly how to fix the 3 biggest presentation mistakes so you can:

  • Share your ideas with confidence & passion
  • Give presentations that impress your colleagues, bosses, and clients
  • Unlock the exciting career opportunities you deserve

"Grant is the best English teacher I've ever met. I do not hesitate to recommend Grant to people around me who want to improve their English."

- Inyoung Jeon, CTO at Clo 

"Grant helped me with much more than just English. I now feel closer to my career goal. Grant is the best teacher I've ever had."

- Yiyeon Kim, Logo/Brand Designer at Frienkly

"Most English tutors don’t have a deep understanding of the actual business environment, but Grant is different."

- Yousun Bang, CEO at Inno-Hash

"Grant has been incredibly helpful for both my professional and personal arrangements and he is the best English teacher I've ever had."

- Yeonkyung Cha, Assistant Vice President at Citibank Korea

"I have experienced many kinds of English programs and teachers. However, I haven't met any professional teacher before Grant."

- Kangmo Ku, Account Executive at Google

"I really recommend classes with Grant and hope other Koreans also get a chance to experience the difference."

- Kisung Na, Senior Manager, Corporate Strategy at Harman International

Meet Your Instructor

Hi there, my name’s Grant, and my mission is to help you gain skills/confidence to have a career you’ll love.


I lived in 서울 for 3 years where I was the top instructor at a 학원 in 강남. Since starting my own company, I have: 

  • Published a book that’s sold 10,000+ copies across Korea
  • Built an online following of over 25,000 motivated professionals
  • (most importantly) helped thousands of Koreans move up in their careers by taking their English to the next level fast  

I created this training because I want to help as many Koreans as possible unlock the career opportunities they deserve. Simply enter your name/email below and start giving better presentations today.