Create a Resume that Will Show Your Value to the World

Create a Resume that Will Show Your Value to the World


Learn a 5-step strategy to write a resume that will:

  •  Impress recruiters
  •  Make you stand out
  •  Get you the interview and job opportunities you're hoping for

This strategy has worked for many other Koreans, and it's going to work you too. 

"Grant is the best English teacher I've ever met. I do not hesitate to recommend Grant to people around me who want to improve their English."

- Inyoung Jeon, CTO at Clo 

"Grant helped me with much more than just English. I now feel closer to my career goal. Grant is the best teacher I've ever had."

- Yiyeon Kim, Logo/Brand Designer at Frienkly

"Most English tutors don’t have a deep understanding of the actual business environment, but Grant is different."

- Yousun Bang, CEO at Inno-Hash

"Grant has been incredibly helpful for both my professional and personal arrangements and he is the best English teacher I've ever had."

- Yeonkyung Cha, Assistant Vice President at Citibank Korea

"I have experienced many kinds of English programs and teachers. However, I haven't met any professional teacher before Grant."

- Kangmo Ku, Account Executive at Google

"I really recommend classes with Grant and hope other Koreans also get a chance to experience the difference."

- Kisung Na, Senior Manager, Corporate Strategy at Harman International

Meet Your Instructor

Hi there, my name’s Grant, and my mission is to help you gain skills/confidence to have a career you’ll love.


I lived in 서울 for 3 years where I was the top instructor at a 학원 in 강남. Since starting my own company, I have: 

  • Published a book that’s sold 10,000+ copies across Korea
  • Built an online following of over 25,000 motivated professionals
  • (most importantly) helped thousands of Koreans move up in their careers by taking their English to the next level fast  

I created this training because I want to help as many Koreans as possible unlock the career opportunities they deserve. Simply enter your name/email below and I'll help you improve your resume today.