How We Got Here


The story so far...

How It All Started...

After graduating college with a business degree, I moved to Seoul and began teaching English in 2016. I started at a TOEFL prep academy and then got a job at FastONE, a 1:1 business English school for adults. At this school, there was no set curriculum. The teachers had to design specific lesson plans according to each student’s goals.

At FastONE, I really started to develop my own unique teaching style. Unlike a lot of 1:1 classes which consist of unorganized free talking (‘how was your day?’ ‘what are you doing this weekend?’), I created an organized curriculum where students could actually practice and improve their work-specific communication. My system organized, work-specific classes were a huge hit, and I quickly became one of the most popular and highly-rated instructors at the entire school.

After working there for a year, I decided I wanted to truly go out on my own and start my own online English business. I took the most effective English teaching methods I developed at FastONE and designed specialized 1:1 English programs to help my clients reach their English and career goals as quickly as possible.

Perfect Student Reviews

5.0/5.0 average for five months straight

Top Instructor Awards

Multiple time 'Instructor of the Month' and 'Instructor of the Quarter' winner

How It Went...

I ran my business English program full time for over two years, and helped Koreans in a variety of industries improve their English so they could move up in their companies, pass important interviews, give better business presentations, and even successfully move to English-speaking countries.

Along the way, I invested tons of time & money learning everything I can about business marketing, sales, presentations, interview/resume skills, and more in order to provide the highest-quality education possible to people like you. Also, making the shift from being a regular hagwon English teacher to an actual business owner who has to market, sell my services, and give sales presentations significantly improved my ability to teach.  I was the top instructor at FastONE, but I can say with confidence that I'm a much, much better teacher now than I was then.

I’m now in the top 1% of all professionals in the e-learning industry on Linkedin. I also published a book with 길벗 (a major Korean publishing company), and most important of all have helped many professionals create new opportunities in their careers by improving their business communication.

Published Author

Book available online and in stores now

Top 1% on Linkedin

Top 1% in my network & in the e-learning industry

Many Happy Clients

Dozens of positive reviews & recommendations

What's Next...

Eventually, I realized the greatest possible value I can offer isn’t ‘English’. It’s directly helping Koreans unlock life changing international careers.

So, I founded Grant Sundbye: Career Coaching in 2022 with a mission to help 10,000 motivated Korean professionals unlock the exciting, fulfilling careers they deserve.

You deserve a career where you feel valued. Where you can earn more, have a better work life balance, and do impactful work that truly fulfills you.

All of this is just need the right plan. 

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