Your English, career,
and business g
oals are
100% possible.


You just need the right plan.







Your English, career, 
and business
oals are 
100% possible.


You just need
the right plan.




1:1 Coaching Programs

Business English Excellence

3-month 1:1 coaching program where we will massively improve your English work communication, confidence, pronunciation, presentation skills, and more.

200+ programs sold. Success stories all over the world.  

Program For You If: 

  • You're Korean¬†
  • You use English at work now or will in the future
  • You're tired of feeling limited, nervous, or unsure using English
  • You want to communicate better, connect with colleagues more, make a more professional impression, and create new career opportunities for yourself
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Career Accelerator

4-month 1:1 program where we will work together through every stage of your job search to unlock life-changing international career opportunities.

Success stories at top global companies in 13 countries. $16,000/year average salary increase for all program graduates. 

Program for you if:

  • You're Korean¬†
  • You're interested in either getting an international job or getting accepted into a grad school abroad
  • You're passionate about¬†having a career¬†you love and want all the support necessary to make sure that happens
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