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Earning $60,000 More Per Year With an Amazing Work-Life-Balance

Chloe's an incredible designer who dreamed of living/working in the US. However, the jobs she was hoping for were all very competitive with up to 5 interviews in the hiring process!

With the Career Accelerator program, Chloe was able to show her true value, make a great impression, pass every interview and, get a job where she's now:

  • Earning $60,000 more per year
  • Can work remotely with unlimited paid time off
  • Loves her colleagues, boss, and work culture
  • Feels truly proud of herself.

You should be proud, Chloe! I'm so happy you found a job that values you!

Loving Life Abroad for the First Time Ever

Lily had spent her entire life in Korea, but dreamed of living & working abroad.

Within a few months of joining the Career Accelerator program, Lily got offered a job as a developer at Adyen, a fintech company in the Netherlands.

Now, Lily is loving her exciting new life in Amsterdam!

  • She has beautiful apartment right next to her office
  • She gets to leave work by 5 or 6pm every day
  • She never has any unexpected overtime
  • She's making friends/connections from all over the world
  • She's earning more money than she ever did in Korea

I'm so happy for you, Lily. You earned it! 

His Dream Medical Residency Program

When John and I met, he was about to move to the United States to pursue his dream of becoming a successful neurologist. 

During the Career Accelerator program, John and I went through all his application documents and prepared for every single stage of the medical residency interview process.

As a result, John was invited to join his dream residency program at Loyola University in Chicago. 

He's currently in his program, well on his way to reaching his ultimate career goal of becoming a full-time neurologist in the United States.

Congratulations, John!

Giving Herself the Career She Deserves & Her Son the Childhood He Deserves

As a working mom, Jiyoung was overwhelmed in Korea. She had to stay at the office till 11pm most nights and barely had any time with her husband and 5 year old son.

She knew something had to change, and it did.

Shortly after joining the Career Accelerator program, she accepted an offer for a senior marketing analyst position in The Netherlands, where her life is completely different.

  • She never misses dinner with her family
  • She can take time off whenever she wants
  • She can attend all her son's school functions
  • She's earning a higher salary and doing work she truly enjoys

All your success is totally deserved, Jiyoung! 

Higher Salary, More Impact

Min-Soo had spent most of his career at Merck Life Sciences in Korea. He was a fantastic, high-value member of their team and felt ready to take that next step. 

During the Career Accelerator Program, Min-Soo got 100% ready for several incredibly important technical presentations he had to give to executives. 

Min-Soo was able to deliver his message with confidence and clarity, show his value to the executives, and earn the promotion he was hoping for.

He's now head of sales at Merck Korea. He's earning a significantly higher salary, has more global responsibilities, and has accomplished something he feels truly proud of. 

Great work, Min-Soo!

Out of a Negative Work Environment Into a Job They Love

This client (who would prefer to remain anonymous) had been stuck in a stressful, toxic work environment for far too long.

They joined the Career Accelerator Program because they knew they were capable of more and deserved better.

Midway through the program, they received a fantastic offer to become a data scientist at the Seoul office of an international tech company.

They're now enjoying a much better work life balance, improved mental health, and the security of knowing they'll never have to put up with a toxic work environment again. 

Interview Coaching

Heejin passed every interview stage and now has a great position at McKinsey & Company

Resume Editing & Interview Coaching

Lily now has a great job with a fintech company and will get to live/work abroad for the first time ever.

Business English Coaching

Michaela leveled up her communication fast and now can speak confidently, naturally, and professionally in the workplace.

Business English Coaching

John went from being an English beginner to a confident speak AND was promoted to a higher position at LG.

Business English/Interview Coaching

Soyeon made huge improvements to her communication, and now has the international career opportunities she was hoping for.

Business English/Presentation Coaching

Minhwee's a leader in her industry, and now finally has the communication skills/confidence to give effective work presentations that show  her full expertise.

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