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Earning a $130,000/Year Fully Remote Engineering Job at Only 23 Years Old

Chloe came to the US planning to quickly find work as a software engineer, only to spend months searching with very few interviews, 0 offers, and growing more stressed the entire time. When she finally decided to work with me, she was seriously doubting whether getting a role in the US would ever happen for her.


  • Reviewed her entire career in detail finding every unique accomplishment, highlight, and result that showed what makes her special
  • Planned powerful reasons for coming to the US and working in tech¬†
  • Completely rewrote her LinkedIn, Resume, and every cover letter based on what's statistically proven to get the most interviews
  • Planned every networking message she sent to people at all her target companies so she made a great first impression¬†
  • Role played every part of every interview from the small talk at the beginning to the questions Chloe asked to make sure she connected with the interviewer, showed her unique value, and stood out from all the other candidates

The Result?

Less than 2 months after starting my program, Chloe accepted a fully remote, $100K+/year job at a fast-growing tech startup in Chicago.

She now absolutely loves her new job, gets to travel all over the US, and can't imagine ever going back to the long subway commutes she had while in Seoul.

So happy for you, Chloe. Awesome work! :)

When Dong Hoon and I first met, he was stuck at an unfulfilling internship in Seoul.

He wanted more than anything to live in Sweden. 

However, he had struggled to even get an interview on his own and wasn’t sure if his dream was even possible.


  • Found all of his unique selling points
  • Completely redid his LinkedIn profile, resume, and cover letters
  • Networked with professionals all over Sweden
  • Worked together A to Z through the entire application process

As a result, he got accepted to the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. 

One of the top 50 universities in the world for engineering.

No more:

‚ĚĆ ŽĻ®Ž¶¨ ŽĻ®Ž¶¨ culture

‚ĚĆ long workdays

‚ĚĆ pressure from society

....EVER again.

Couldn't be happier for you, Dong Hoon. You did it!

Getting an Amazing Remote Job in London Immediately After Graduating University

When Suyeon and I met, she was still in university, had barely any work experience, and not a lot of money. However, she was 100% committed to getting a design job in London.

We worked together A --> Z through her entire global job search.

  • We optimized her Linkedin.
  • She learned how to network.
  • We wrote a great English resume and design portfolio.
  • She learned how to sell herself in interviews and much more.

As a result, she now has a fantastic remote UX design job in London.

She's now:

  • Earning more money than Koreans with 5+ years of work experience
  • Able to work wherever and whenever she wants
  • Is getting to travel all over Europe experiencing exciting new cultures

Will NEVER have to settle for a job/career she doesn't love because she has a proven system to get hired anywhere in the world

When you're committed to a dream and have the right strategy/coaching to achieve it, magic happens ‚ú®

Earning $60,000 More Per Year With an Amazing Work-Life-Balance

Chloe's an incredible designer who dreamed of living/working in the US. However, the jobs she was hoping for were all very competitive with up to 5 interviews in the hiring process!

With the Career Accelerator program, Chloe was able to show her true value, make a great impression, pass every interview and, get a job where she's now:

  • Earning $60,000 more per year
  • Can work remotely with unlimited paid time off
  • Loves her colleagues, boss, and work culture
  • Feels truly proud of herself.

You should be proud, Chloe! I'm so happy you found a job that values you!

Yona had spent her entire life in Korea and dreamed of taking her career abroad.

However, she had never job searched internationally and was having a lot of trouble. Especially in English interviews.

Other academies made big promises to help her, but the advice was way too general, and not getting her any closer to her goal.

Working with me FINALLY got her the help she needed. She now has an incredible new job in London where she:
- Never has to stay late at the office
- Has a much better work-life balance with plenty of time to relax/have fun
- Loves being in a totally new culture/country
- Is gaining global experience that can help her for the rest of her career
- Feel truly proud of everything she's accomplished

Fantastic work, Yona! :)

His Dream Medical Residency Program

When John and I met, he was about to move to the United States to pursue his dream of becoming a successful neurologist. 

During the Career Accelerator program, John and I went through all his application documents and prepared for every single stage of the medical residency interview process.

As a result, John was invited to join his dream residency program at Loyola University in Chicago. 

He's currently in his program, well on his way to reaching his ultimate career goal of becoming a full-time neurologist in the United States.

Congratulations, John!

Loving Life Abroad for the First Time Ever

Lily had spent her entire life in Korea, but dreamed of living & working abroad.

Within a few months of joining the Career Accelerator program, Lily got offered a job as a developer at Adyen, a fintech company in the Netherlands.

Now, Lily is loving her exciting new life in Amsterdam!

  • She has beautiful apartment right next to her office
  • She gets to leave work by 5 or 6pm every day
  • She never has any unexpected overtime
  • She's making friends/connections from all over the world
  • She's earning more money than she ever did in Korea

I'm so happy for you, Lily. You earned it! 

Making a Successful Career Pivot into a Top International Tech Company

When Yujin and I met, she was hoping pivot back into the tech industry and had just applied for a SCM role at one of her dream companies. 

However, she had several English job interviews earlier that year that didn't go well. She was experiencing a lot of self doubt and wasn't sure what she needed to do to stand out to the international hiring team. 

We worked together through her entire interview process:

  • We¬†organized all the stories she could share from her career
  • We worked on her speaking style/delivery so she could show her passion and wasn't just 'reading a script'
  • We planned insightful questions she could ask
  • We role played every interview exactly like the real thing so she was 100% ready

In the end, earned the job she was dreaming of and LOVES it. 

She also now knows how to sell herself and make a great impression in every interview she'll have for the rest of her career. 

It was such an honor working with you, Yujin! Massive congratulations on all your success :)

Giving Herself the Career She Deserves & Her Son the Childhood He Deserves

As a working mom, Jiyoung was overwhelmed in Korea. She had to stay at the office till 11pm most nights and barely had any time with her husband and 5 year old son.

She knew something had to change, and it did.

Shortly after joining the Career Accelerator program, she accepted an offer for a senior marketing analyst position in The Netherlands, where her life is completely different.

  • She never misses dinner with her family
  • She can take time off whenever she wants
  • She can attend all her son's school functions
  • She's earning a higher salary and doing work she truly enjoys

All your success is totally deserved, Jiyoung! 

Five Rounds of Interviews. One Life-Changing Job Offer at McKinsey & Company

When Heejin first applied for a senior level HR Consultant role at McKinsey & Company (one of the best 3 companies in the world in her industry), she didn't even think she would get an interview.

Not only did she get an interview, we worked together step by step through a lengthy 5-round interview process.

Heejin showed up totally prepared for every round in the interview process. 

She gave a fantastic case study presentation. She showed all the incredible value she could add to McKinsey & Company.

She earned the job offer.

So happy for you, Heejin. Congratulations! :)

Out of a Negative Work Environment Into a Job They Love

This client (who would prefer to remain anonymous) had been stuck in a stressful, toxic work environment for far too long.

They joined the Career Accelerator Program because they knew they were capable of more and deserved better.

Midway through the program, they received a fantastic offer to become a data scientist at the Seoul office of an international tech company.

They're now enjoying a much better work life balance, improved mental health, and the security of knowing they'll never have to put up with a toxic work environment again. 

2 Promotions in 12 months: Higher Salary, More Impact

Min-Soo had spent most of his career at Merck Life Sciences in Korea. He was a fantastic, high-value member of their team and felt ready to take that next step. 

During the Career Accelerator Program, Min-Soo got 100% ready for several incredibly important technical presentations he had to give to executives. 

Min-Soo was able to deliver his message with confidence and clarity, show his value to the executives, and earn the promotion he was hoping for.

He's now head of sales at Merck Korea. He's earning a significantly higher salary, has more global responsibilities, and has accomplished something he feels truly proud of. 

Great work, Min-Soo!

Two Hours Working Together = Life-Changing Job Offer

TaeYoung reached out to me on Linkedin with an urgent situation: He suddenly got a great opportunity for a medical sales job in Singapore. 

However, he only had a few days to prepare for the case study interview/presentation!

We spent two hours together going through his entire presentation and interview answers.

I showed him how to highlight all his value, achievements, and insight. 

I made sure he was delivering his message with confidence, clarity, and passion.

I drafted a great post-interview email he could send the hiring team.

As a result, TaeYoung earned the job offer and is now loving his life living/working in Singapore.

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