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It’s about 2:15AM here in America right now, and I just finished teaching my final class for the night. That particular client is a highly-motivated entrepreneur who wants to learn English so he can expand his tech startup into America. We were talking about the motivation and courage one needs to start and manage his/her own company.  I think a lot of what we talked about applies to learning English, so I thought I would share it with you. 

It’s easy to feel unmotivated, discouraged and even frustrated with your English progress. However, if you really want to stay motivated, there’s one thing you need to always keep in mind. 


Do NOT forget why you started learning in the first place. 


For 99% of adult learners, you aren’t learning English just to know English per se. You’re learning because you recognize that English is a tool that can unlock life and career opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to you. You’re learning English because IF you can confidently, effectively communicate in English, you’ll be able to get that promotion, pass that interview, start your own company, or even live and work in America. 

Whenever you feel unmotivated or even want to give up on learning English, think of all the amazing opportunities you’ll unlock by becoming a better English speaker. English is a skill that can absolutely change your life. 

This motivation works in reverse as well. If the dreams of a higher salary, more fulfilling career, or life in America aren’t enough to motivate you, draw motivation from the nightmares of being forever stuck where you are now.  Getting OUT of a negative situation is an incredibly powerful motivator. I know this, because it’s what drove me to create my business in the first place. 


Story time…

About a year and a half ago, I was one of the top instructors at FastONE, a 1:1 Business English academy in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. I had fantastic student reviews, my own office, and from the outside it seemed like I have a pretty good job. However, that wasn’t really the case.  I was constantly overworked, underappreciated, and underpaid (especially compared to the revenue I was generating for the company). I was teaching 35-40 classes a week, had to do extra unpaid work almost every night, and had really no way to move up or earn a higher salary. 

I felt frustrated. I felt stuck. After completing my contract, I figured I’d be better off on my own. So, I started my own company, despite having ZERO experience with marketing, sales, or website design. I had a lot to learn, and there were times earlier on where it was pretty rough. I was having a hard time connecting with my target customers, and I was seriously questioning whether I’d be able to fully support myself with this business. However, the one thing that always kept me motivated was that I NEVER wanted to feel like I did back at FastONE again. 

That motivation allowed me to keep moving forward, and now I’m SO glad I didn’t give up because I have a company and a job I truly enjoy. I love having control over my schedule, earning more money, being my own boss, and working with a fantastic group of clients that truly value my instruction.

If you’re reading this right now, odds are that you aren’t 100% satisfied with your job, career, or work performance. You might have an unreasonable boss, be forced to work endless overtime, or just have more ambition than your current job. Maybe you like your job, but know you could perform better if your English improved. Wherever you are in your career and whatever your situation is, recognize the tremendous opportunity and advantage you’ll have if you’re able to effectively communicate in English. 

Imagine knowing that you’ll never have to put up with your demanding boss again. Imagine you just passed an interview, and got an offer for your dream job. Imagine stepping onto a plane headed to America where you’re about to start your exciting new life/career.  THAT is what learning English can do for you. And that is a powerful motivator. 

Good luck! 

- Grant

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