Reaching Your Goals: The Long Process

When we have a big goal, we sometimes start looking for that one secret. That one tip/action that will create the massive change we’re hoping for and allow us to reach our goal overnight. 


This has happened to me several times with my business. When I:

  • Created what I thought were ‘perfect’ messages, articles, and videos
  • First learned email marketing
  • Published a book in Korea
  • Redesigned and updated my website

I was sure that all of these things would have a huge impact. However, none of these created the giant, life-changing effect I was hoping for. 


What actually happened was each of them made a small, positive difference. These added up over time with many other things I did/learned, and eventually did create a pretty large change. 

For a lot of people wanting to achieve a big career goal, there’s probably not going to be a single event/person/action etc. that’ll get you there. Making small improvements over time, learning from your experiences, and continuing to put in consistent effort is what will eventually get you where you want to be.


So, if improving your English would help you reach your own career goals, something you can do right now to make a small step towards that goal is getting my business presentation video series. 

This probably isn’t going to be the one piece of knowledge that changes your life forever, but it will help you make a better, more professional impression in your upcoming meetings and business presentations. Plus, it’s totally free, so there’s really no reason to not do it!

Click the 'Free Resources tab', enter your name & email on the presentation mini course page, and I'll send you the videos right away.

Have a great day and here's to you moving one step closer to your goals!

- Grant

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