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"This investment could completely change your life."

- Chloe Park

Accepted a fully remote Product Designer role in the United States. Earns $60,000/year MORE than her previous job in Korea

"Getting this job was the door opener for my future career."

- Yujin Lee

Earned her first ever manager-level role at Amazon Japan 

"My only regret is not joining Grant's program earlier."

- Hyeju (Chloe) Na

Accepted a $130,000/year fully remote Software Engineer job at a US tech startup

Career Accelerator Program Statistics



Number of countries Career Accelerator Clients have earned jobs in.

Includes Singapore, Hong Kong, The United States, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, and more.


The average yearly salary increase for all Career Accelerator clients.

This very often comes with a much better work culture, improved work-life balance, and gaining life-changing new career skills.

> 90%

% of Career Accelerator clients who have completed the entire program and received at least one international job/school offer.

Many of these clients had tried and failed to get offers on their own previously.

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What You'll Get in This Program


1: Lifetime Access to All of My Career Development Video Courses

Years of research. 20+ hours of material. $700+ value. Yours forever.

Career Clarity

Video Poster Image

What You’ll learn

  • How to find and talk about your¬†unique passion and beliefs so you stand out as a jobseeker
  • How to evaluate what matters most to you in your career
  • System for setting and achieving career goals faster

Total Content Length: 45 minutes

Original price: Free

Global Business Cultures

Video Poster Image

What You’ll learn

  • The key differences¬†between Korean and international business cultures that you must understand as a global jobseeker
  • How to better understand and connect with foreigners

Total Content Length: ~1 hour 30 minutes

Original price: $40

Video Poster Image

Perfect Resume Masterclass

Video Poster Image

What You'll Learn

  • How to write a resume so impressive that you‚Äôll get interviews at top companies who are already interested in hiring you
  • Recorded interviews¬†with real recruiters all over the world on exactly what they look for in resumes

Total Content Length: ~ 4 hours 15 minutes

Original price: $140

Linkedin Profile & Networking Masterclass

Video Poster Image

What You’ll learn

  • How to make an incredible LinkedIn profile that shows up often in recruiter searches and massively increases your chances of getting interviews
  • How build your professional network the right way

Total Content Length: ~ 5 hours 20 minutes

Original price: $90

Video Poster Image

Perfect Cover Letter Masterclass

Video Poster Image

What You’ll learn

  • How write a compelling, interesting, professional cover letter that perfectly compliments your resume
  • How to¬†design a unique letter that stands out from other applicants and gets you more interview opportunities

Total Content Length: ~ 1 hour 50 minutes

Original price: $60

Interview Excellence Masterclass

Video Poster Image

What You’ll learn

  • How to plan and give organized, professional, compelling answers for every common interview question
  • The best ways to prepare for any important interview
  • Proven strategies to connect with the interviewer, stay calm, and perform at your very best

Total Content Length: ~3 hours 30 minutes

Original price: $220

Video Poster Image

Win The Job Search

Video Poster Image

What You’ll learn

  • The statistically-proven best methods for researching companies¬†¬†
  • Proven networking and relationship-building strategies to get recommended for roles at your dream companies (recommendation = 600% increased chances of getting an offer)
  • Master 'coffee chats' and screening interviews

Total Content Length: ~4 hours 30 minutes

Original price: $220

2: 1:1 Coaching Through Absolutely Every Stage of Your Job Search

Your Career Matters. You Deserve the Best.

We will do SO much more than edit your resume or plan for interviews.

We'll also:

  • Review your entire career¬†step by step¬†to find all of your best selling points
  • Plan a powerful, unique 'why' for your career that will show your passion
  • Optimize every single section of your LinkedIn profile as well as any website/online portfolio you may have
  • Plan the best possible networking messages to send to everyone at each of your dream companies
  • Type personalized 'Thank You' messages you can send after every interview

All using proven strategies that have already worked for Koreans just like you all over the world. 

3: Class Notes, Class Video Recordings, and Extra Documents

Know Exactly What To Do

Everything we do will be recorded/written down for you to review as much as you need to. 

We'll also plan specific, easy-to-follow weekly tasks so you know exactly what to do to create the opportunities you're hoping for.

Never feel lost or unsure about what to do as a jobseeker again.

Just like the video courses, all these resources will be yours for a lifetime.  


4: Kakao/Messaging Support Throughout the Entire Program

You Won't be Alone. For Anything

Job searching is tough.

If you:

  • Ever get a message/email you aren't sure how to reply to
  • Want a quick final check of your resume before sending it to a specific company
  • Need help understanding a confusing contract, email, or job description
  • Just want some encouragement or support

You'll be able to reach me any time.

I'm here to do everything I can to help you create the career opportunities you're hoping for.

5: Direct Access to Anyone in my 22,000+ LinkedIn Network

More Than Networking Tips. I'll Directly Introduce You to People at Your Dream Companies 

If you join this program, then that means your career matters to you.  Throughout our program, I will be happy to introduce and/or recommend you to anyone I know that might be able to help you.  

I have a 22,000+ LinkedIn network of people all over the world. The odds that I know at least one person at one of your target companies is very high. 

I've had multiple clients earn both interviews and job offers as a result of people I introduced them to.

6: Total Flexibility/Personalized Scheduling

Be Ready For Everything

As a jobseeker, sometimes opportunities show up when you don't expect them.

Throughout our entire program, our schedule will be 100% based on what's happening with you and how I can help you most. 

  • Suddenly get an interview?
  • Find that perfect role but your resume isn't ready?

No problem. Just let me know. We'll plan accordingly so you're 100% ready for any opportunities that come your way.

"Grant is the most brilliant technical writer I have ever met. If you need to prepare a resume or admission documents, he's the one you should call!"

- Geunbae Lee

Accepted into the University of Maryland's Engineering Ph.D program

"My new life in London is so cool and I COULD NOT have done this without Grant. His program is 100% worth it."

- Suyeon Lee

Earned a fully remote UX design job in London immediately after graduating university.

"I am SO excited about this new opportunity. I tried a few programs before working with Grant. His program is by far the best."

-Taeyoung Ahn

Accepted his first senior-level sales job with Johnson & Johnson in Singapore

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Career Accelerator Program Structure & Stages

Phase One: Finding Your Unique Selling Points

Setting you up for an incredibly successful job search.

Phase Two: LinkedIn Optimization + Networking

The biggest difference maker.

Phase Three: Standout Application Documents

Creating documents that show your value and get you the opportunities you're hoping for.

Phase Four: Selling Yourself In Interviews

Preparing you to show your full value and make a great impression.

Phase Five: Job Acceptance/Preparation

Preparing to truly thrive at your new job.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi there. My name’s Grant, and I’m on a mission to help 10,000 motivated Koreans unlock life-changing international careers.

While living and working in Seoul 2016-2018, I discovered 3 things:

1: So many Koreans are incredibly bright, motivated, and hardworking. I love working with people who have passion and purpose in their lives.

2: Many of them either have big career goals or are stuck at jobs they don't really like with demanding bosses and tons of overtime work. They want to improve their situation, and English is their biggest obstacle in doing so.

3: A lot of English classes aren't very good. Whether they're too focused on grammar or just general free talking, they don't get people the communication skills/confidence they need to level up their careers., I founded an online English company with the goal of helping Koreans gain the real communication skills/confidence they need to speak with confidence, improve their work performance, and move up in their careers.

Over the next 2 years, I:

  • Helped¬†over 100 Koreans 1:1 in all industries¬†make massive improvements to their work communication, confidence, and career development¬†fast
  • Wrote¬†a business English book that was published in Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam
  • Built an online following of over¬†25,000 people
  • Reached the top 1% of all educators on Linkedin

A Few of Many Happy Clients:

Eventually, I realized the greatest possible value I can offer isn‚Äôt ‚ÄėEnglish‚Äô. It‚Äôs directly helping¬†Koreans unlock life-changing international careers.¬†

So, I:

  • Invested over $10,000 in learning from some of the best career coaches/business experts in the world
  • Spent months researching and testing the best networking, resume writing, and job interview strategies
  • Met directly with recruiters and hiring managers from all over the world to learn exactly what they look for in candidates

And officially launched the Career Accelerator program in December 2022.

What Makes This Program Special


1: It Covers Everything

This program goes so much deeper than helping you write a resume or practice some common job interview questions. 

We will do everything possible to maximize your chances of getting not just 'a job'....but the best job you can possibly get at this stage of your career.

2: It's 100% Personalized 

This will not be some general resume template or group coaching where you don't get individual attention.

As we move through the program, everything will be unique to you, your situation, and how we can best reach your goals together.

Everything from your LinkedIn Profile to the emails you send hiring teams to your responses in job interviews will be 100% personalized to best show what makes you special.

3: Highest-Quality Instruction

It's extremely unlikely that you will find anyone else who:

  • Is a native English speaker
  • Understands Korean language/culture
  • Is in the top 1% of all LinkedIn users
  • Understands the global job market this well
  • Is an internationally-published author on business communication
  • Has been invited to give multiple career development lectures at American universities
  • Has a program this optimized¬†specifically for Korean professionals
  • Is 100% committed to helping you

To put it simply, you won't find anything else this good.

4: It Can Change The Rest of Your Career

In addition to getting you amazing new opportunities now, the skills you learn throughout this program can help you for the next 20+ years.

Some of the earliest Career Accelerator graduates have already moved on to new opportunities using the skills they gained from this program.

5: It's Fun!

Job searching can be incredibly stressful. Especially if you're doing it alone. 

However, when you:

  • Have someone who can truly help you put your best self forward
  • See how much better your LinkedIn, Resume, and interview answers are
  • Start to genuinely believe in yourself as you move closer and closer to your dream

It will be SO fun, motivating, and exciting.

"I was just a classic Korean, barely speaking English. Now I go to Darden as an MBA. Work with Grant. It will help. A lot. "

- Geunbae Lee

Accepted into the UVA Darden School of Business

"I've tried tons of English/career programs. Grant's is by far the best. Thank you Grant for helping me unlock a beautiful life!"  

- Jiyoung Nam

Accepted a Senior Marketing Analyst position in Amsterdam where she's earning more and working less

"While working with Grant, I also gained a lot of courage and motivation to chase my dream. I highly recommend Grant!"

-Sehyun Jeon

Joined Pratt University in New York City to get her Master's degree in Design

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Career Accelerator Success Stories

They changed their lives and so can you.

Loving Life Abroad for the First Time Ever

Lily had spent her entire life in Korea, but dreamed of living & working abroad.

Within a few months of joining the Career Accelerator program, Lily got offered a job as a developer at Adyen, a fintech company in the Netherlands.

Now, Lily is loving her exciting new life in Amsterdam!

  • She has beautiful apartment right next to her office
  • She gets to leave work by 5 or 6pm every day
  • She never has any unexpected overtime
  • She's making friends/connections from all over the world
  • She's earning more money than she ever did in Korea

I'm so happy for you, Lily. You earned it! 

Higher Salary, More Impact

Min-Soo had spent most of his career at Merck Life Sciences in Korea. He was a fantastic, high-value member of their team and felt ready to take that next step. 

During the Career Accelerator Program, Min-Soo got 100% ready for several incredibly important technical presentations he had to give to executives. 

Min-Soo was able to deliver his message with confidence and clarity, show his value to the executives, and earn the promotion he was hoping for.

He's now head of sales at Merck Korea. He's earning a significantly higher salary, has more global responsibilities, and has accomplished something he feels truly proud of. 

Great work, Min-Soo!

His Dream Medical Residency Program

When John and I met, he was about to move to the United States to pursue his dream of becoming a successful neurologist. 

During the Career Accelerator program, John and I went through all his application documents and prepared for every single stage of the medical residency interview process.

As a result, John was invited to join his dream residency program at Loyola University in Chicago. 

He's currently in his program, well on his way to reaching his ultimate career goal of becoming a full-time neurologist in the United States.

Congratulations, John!

Giving Herself the Career She Deserves & Her Son the Childhood He Deserves

As a working mom, Jiyoung was overwhelmed in Korea. She had to stay at the office till 11pm most nights and barely had any time with her husband and 5 year old son.

She knew something had to change, and it did.

Shortly after joining the Career Accelerator program, she accepted an offer for a senior marketing analyst position in The Netherlands, where her life is completely different.

  • She never misses dinner with her family
  • She can take time off whenever she wants
  • She can attend all her son's school functions
  • She's earning a higher salary and doing work she truly enjoys

All your success is totally deserved, Jiyoung! 

Out of a Negative Work Environment Into a Job They Love

This client (who would prefer to remain anonymous) had been stuck in a stressful, toxic work environment for far too long.

They joined the Career Accelerator Program because they knew they were capable of more and deserved better.

Midway through the program, they received a fantastic offer to become a data scientist at the Seoul office of an international tech company.

They're now enjoying a much better work life balance, improved mental health, and the security of knowing they'll never have to put up with a toxic work environment again. 

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